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At some point in our travel, all of us have faced the problem of having to carry our bags while we are moving around the city or that beautiful hill station. The burden of carrying so much luggage restricts us to explore only some parts of that amazing travel destination that we’ve always wanted to check out. Your luggage also restricts you from opting cheap commute options such as metros and buses as they are always full, especially during the travel season. Hence, carrying your luggage around with you is a terrible idea.

Well, we are super excited to tell you that you need not worry about your luggage anymore! All you need to do is deposit your luggage at one of our cloakrooms, after which you have the entire city to yourself for you to explore!

GoLuggageFree is an Airbnb for your luggage. We partner with local businesses such as hotels, shops, and restaurants who have unused space to store your luggage safely and affordably. All of our partners are thoroughly vetted by the team which goes on the ground to make sure that they meet our quality standards. Moreover, all of our partners have been running their businesses for many years in Delhi and are popular among the localities of the area. To add another layer of security, all our partners are equipped with CCTV cameras and dedicated staff to look after your luggage.

Coming back to the main purpose of the blog! We will focus on how you can use a cloakroom and luggage storage space in Delhi and NCR to make the most of your travel when you visit Delhi!

How does a luggage storage/cloakroom work?

Once you have made a booking via our app, all you need to do is to drop off your bags in the cloakroom of your choice. Our partner will then seal your bags with a unique coded zip lock and store it safely in a space that is only accessible by the partner store’s staff.

What kind of luggage can I store?

You can store any kind of luggage. There is no restriction on the size, shape or weight of the bag. However, we do not allow the storage of items that are illegal according to the Government of India or are extremely valuable material such as cash, jewelry or costly documents. You can refer to the list of Prohibited items under Point number 3.3 in our Terms and Conditions. You needn’t worry about your laptops, tablets or phones, a lot of our customers are corporates and students who use our cloakrooms just to get rid of their electronic devices to enjoy their travels at peace!

NOTE: You can store your shopping bags, trek or gym equipment as well. Our cloakroom in Connaught Place (CP) attracts loads of people who shop at CP!

What is the pricing structure? Will I be charged differently depending on the kind of luggage?

We charge on a per bag and per day basis. The cost per bag, per day, starts at ₹80 and goes up to a maximum of ₹100. Hence, cheaper than all other alternatives.

No, there is no differential pricing, all sorts of luggage irrespective of size, shape or weight are charged the same as mentioned above.

Is my luggage insured in case of any damage?

Yes, your luggage is insured up to ₹5000. In any case, our partner stores are well equipped with handling your luggage with care.

What is the maximum number of days that I can store my luggage for?

There is no restriction on the number of days! You can use our cloakroom for long term storage at any time of the year and collect it whenever it’s convenient for you.

What if I need some help in locating the cloakroom, have a payment issue or other issues?

We’ve got you covered. Feel free to reach our customer support at any time of the day. We are here to help you throughout your journey!

Fun fact — Owing to the nature of their businesses, our cloakroom partners are well versed with Delhi and will help you with travel bookings, cabs, places to travel in Delhi, accommodation, etc.

Can I trust this service?

The concept is new, hence, it is understandable that you might be in two minds. On the bright side, we’ve served hundreds of customers and have received loads of reviews (the highest rated cloakroom app in the country :). You can go through the reviews here and here.

Do you still need to learn more? If yes, you can visit our FAQ section. Feel free to reach out to us If you are still unclear or have some queries in mind. We would love to help you out.

You can download the app from here. Bookings are only accepted online for now.

We hope you have an amazing time in Delhi!

Travel Smart and Go Luggage Free!

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