Cloakrooms in Mumbai

The Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai

Mumbai A.K.A the city that never sleeps is a traveler’s paradise attracting almost 6 million tourists every year. Home to a variety of diverse cultures Mumbai has something to offer for every type of traveler ranging from the history buffs to the foodies to shopaholics. Mumbai also the movie capital of India is a heaven for movie buffs where you can wave your hands to the king of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan outside Mannat or see the “Shahenshah” Amitabh Bachhan outside his bungalow Jalsa. So next time you are planning a trip be sure to visit this amazing center of culture, art, theatre, and music for the best trip of your life.

Best way to travel to Mumbai?

The best way to travel according to us is to get rid of your bags by storing your luggage in cloakrooms and travel as light and hassle-free as possible. How do you do that? Railway station cloakrooms in Mumbai have a very long and arduous process and airport cloakrooms are too expensive. But you can store your luggage at GoluggageFree through its app. GoLuggageFree is a startup that is like an Airbnb for your luggage that aims to provide cloakrooms and luggage storage spaces for travelers and localites by connecting you to local shops, hotels, cafes, and restaurants to provide you luggage rooms at affordable prices.

Why Use GoLuggageFree?

Cloakrooms in Railway stations have less accessibility. You have to buy your own locks and wait in long queues to store your luggage. Also, you need to have a copy of your ID proof to get a cloakroom. Luggage Storage rooms near the airport also charge a lot of money to store your luggage. You also have a maximum period of 7 days of storage in the stations. While GoLuggageFree cloakrooms are easily accessible as you can book a luggage storage room only through an app. Also, we provide you with unique coded zip locks so that your luggage stays secure with us.

Luggage Storage near Mumbai Airport

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj international airport is the primary global airport serving Mumbai. It is connected to 47 Indian cities and 43 overseas locations and has been rated best for customer experience. It is also the second busiest airport in the country and 14th in Asia handing about 40 million passengers annually.

Have you just landed at Mumbai Airport and don’t want to lug your heavy luggage around while you plan to roam the city? Are you a foreign traveler who wants to have long-term luggage storage rooms near Mumbai Airport so that you can enjoy your all India trip without having to carry your luggage around? Are you tired of the high rates for your luggage storage at the airport or the extremely slow process?

You can check the Cloak rooms at Mumbai Airport offered by GoLuggageFree which are coming soon so that you can enjoy your trip hassle and luggage free.

Luggage Storage near Mumbai Central

Mumbai Central is the major railway station in Mumbai. Created by Claude Batley, the British engineer it is a significant stop for both inter-city and local trains on separate platforms. It is additionally a station for long-distance trains including the Mumbai Rajdhani Express. Trains leave from the station to many stated in the western, north-western and northern parts of India

Stuck with your luggage because your train is delayed? Do you want luggage storage near Mumbai station because you want to roam around the city or you want a luggage room because you are wishing to take the train to travel places around Mumbai station luggage free? Are you tired of the long and arduous process of getting railway station Cloak Room?

You can check the Cloak Room at Mumbai station offered by GoLuggageFree which are coming soon so that you can enjoy your trip hassle and luggage free.:

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Luggage Storage near Colaba Gateway of India:

Colaba is the most happening part of the city, packed with eateries, bars, shops and heaps of stuff to see and do. The major attractions are Colaba causeway, Gateway of India and Taj Hotel. Colaba causeway is the shopping paradise for tourists in Mumbai. From cheap clothes to fashionable boutiques this lane has everything one can buy. The Gateway of India was built in the early twentieth century in Mumbai. It is the starting point for most travelers because of its beautiful architecture.

Then you can use our GoLuggageFree Cloak Room near Colaba where you can easily find and book them through our easily accessible app and then travel Mumbai around without caring about your bags and have a light and hassle-free trip experience.

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What are the timings for the cloakroom?

Most of our cloakrooms are open 24/7 but sometimes our timings may wary. You can see the luggage storage room timings specific to your cloakroom in the about section of the cloakroom card.

What is the mode of payment?

You can pay for the cloakroom in Mumbai online through our mobile app. We accept all payment modes including UPI, Visa and MasterCard and various e-wallets like PayTM, Amazon, PhonePe, etc.

How do you manage your booking?

In the case of changing the booking of our luggage storage room, asking for a refund or for any other issues related to your booking, you should contact our customer care. Feel free to contact our customer support. We are open 24/7 to serve you. Travel Smart, GoLuggageFree!