Cloak Room in Udaipur

Visiting Venice is a great experience for travelers. But if one has not visited Venice but might want to know how it would feel to be in such a lovely climate, you may need to visit Udaipur, popularly called the ‘Venice of the East’ and ‘The City of Lakes’. Udaipur, a city in Rajasthan is a stunning city with a very rich cultural heritage and extraordinary history. The royal residences mirror the engineering glory that prevailed during the time of Rajputs and the soothing landscapes. Udaipur was established in 1553 by Maharana Udai Singh II as the capital of Mewar. It is situated in the circular, fertile Girwa Valley to the southwest of Nagda, the first capital of Mewar.

Best way to travel to Udaipur?

The best way to travel according to us is to get rid of your bags by storing your luggage in cloakrooms and travel as light and hassle-free as possible. How do you do that? Railway station cloakrooms in Udaipur have a very long and arduous process and airport cloakrooms are too expensive. But you can store your luggage at GoluggageFree through its app. GoLuggageFree is a startup that is like an Airbnb for your luggage that aims to provide cloakrooms and luggage storage spaces for travelers and localites by connecting you to local shops, hotels, cafes, and restaurants to provide you luggage rooms at affordable prices.

Why Use GoLuggageFree?

Cloakrooms in Railway stations have less accessibility. You have to buy your own locks and wait in long queues to store your luggage. Also, you need to have a copy of your ID proof to get a cloakroom. Luggage Storage rooms near the airport also charge a lot of money to store your luggage. You also have a maximum period of 7 days of storage in the stations. While GoLuggageFree cloakrooms are easily accessible as you can book a luggage storage room only through an app. Also, we provide you with unique coded zip locks so that your luggage stays secure with us.

Cloakrooms near Udaipur Railway Station:

Stuck with your luggage because your train is delayed? Do you want luggage storage near Udaipur Railway Station because you want to roam around the city or you want a luggage room because you are wishing to take the train to travel places around Udaipur Railway Station luggage free? Are you tired of the long and arduous process of getting the railway station cloak Room?

You can check the Cloak room at Udaipur Railway Station offered by GoLuggageFree which is coming soon so that you can enjoy your trip hassle-free.

Cloak Room near Lake Pichola:

Do you want to explore Lake Pichola but do not want to carry your luggage along with your shopping bags? Do you want to enjoy the experience of Lake Pichola without carrying your luggage around? Are you looking for a luggage storage point near Red Fort to keep your bags but cannot find one?

Well, we are excited to tell you that you need not worry about your luggage anymore! All you need to do is deposit your luggage at our cloakroom close to Lake Pichola, after which you have the entire city to yourself for you to explore! Make a booking via our mobile app.

Cloak Room near Udaipur City Bus Depot:

Do you want to store your luggage around Udaipur Bus Depot to travel the city luggage free but cannot find any? Do you want to explore locations around Udaipur Bus Depot by bus but do not want to carry your luggage with you? Do you want a solution to all your luggage storage problems near Udaipur Bus Depot?

No worries! You can use our GoLuggageFree Cloak Rooms near Udaipur Bus Depot where you can easily find and book them through our app and then roam around Udaipur without worrying about your bags. Thus, enabling you to have a light and hassle-free travel experience.

Other Cloak Rooms in Udaipur by GoLuggageFree:

  • Cloakroom in City Palace
  • Cloakroom in Fateh Sagar Lake
  • Cloakroom in Sajjangarh Palace
  • Cloakroom in Vintage Car Museum
  • Cloakroom in Jaisamand Lake

How does a luggage storage/cloakroom work?

Once you have made a booking via our app, all you need to do is to drop off your bags in the cloakroom of your choice. Our partner will then seal your bags with a unique coded zip lock and store it safely in a space that is only accessible by the partner store’s staff.

What is the pricing structure? Will I be charged differently depending on the kind of luggage?

We charge on a per bag and per day basis. The cost per bag, per day, starts at ₹80 and goes up to a maximum of ₹100. Hence, cheaper than all other alternatives.

No, there is no differential pricing, all sorts of luggage irrespective of size, shape or weight are charged the same as mentioned above.

Can I trust this service?

The concept is new, hence, it is understandable that you might be in two minds. On the bright side, we’ve served hundreds of customers and have received loads of reviews (the highest rated cloakroom app in the country :). You can go through the reviews here and here.

Do you still need to learn more? If yes, you can visit our FAQ section. Feel free to reach out to us If you are still unclear or have some queries in mind. We would love to help you out.

You can download the app from here. Bookings are only accepted online for now.

We hope you have an amazing time in Udaipur!

Travel Smart and Go Luggage Free!